Hearth Plates & Insulation


Hearth plates form the work surface of the furnace chamber.  Lucifer Furnaces models are designed with  three different types of hearth plates: cast, silicon carbide or ceramic.

Cast Hearth Plates - Made from high temperature cement to form a strong, dense plate. 

Silicon Carbide Plates - High temperature plates used in furnace models with silicon carbide elements under the hearth and to support alloy muffles. 

Ceramic Plates - Kiln fired ceramic plates 3/4" thick are used in all Lucifer Red Devil models.


Insulation lining the inside of the chamber is HOT FACE INSULATION and may consist of insulating firebrick, ceramic fiber boards or pyro-bloc materials. The backup layer closest to the metal shell is the COLD FACE INSULATION consisting of mineral wool material.  Insulation can be replaced in part or an entire furnace can be relined.  

Insulating material is dry fit in the chamber and contains no mortar or asbestos.