Thermocouples sense the temperature inside a furnace chamber and communicate with the controller.

Thermocouples should be replaced every six months to a year, depending on use, to maintain accuracy, properly heat treat your workload, and extend the life of heating elements. Over time thermocouples lose their ability to accurately sense temperature.

Contact Lucifer Furnaces with your furnace model and serial number for a quote on replacement thermocouples.

Type K ThermoouplesOpen Style Thermocouples-Type (K) thermocouples are used in Lucifer air models up to 2300°F. Available in 6”, 9” & 12” lengths - 8 gauge or 14 gauge.

Availability: In stock

Thermocouple2Sheathed Thermocouples -Type (K) , (R) and (S) thermocouples protected in a ceramic sheath with a threaded fitting are are used in Lucifer GT atmosphere furnaces and high temperature models above 2300°F. Availability: In stock - 2 weeks

Thermocouple3Cladded Thermocouples -Tyle (K) thermocouples are used inside the retort/muffle of atmosphere models.  The thermocouple is protected inside an alloy sheath.  These thermocouples sense the temperature inside the muffle immediately around the workload. Availability:  2 weeks