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Quality, Performance, Success

Lucifer Furnaces has been designing and manufacturing heat treating furnaces, ovens and quench tanks in the USA for over 75 years. Our extensive list of loyal customers includes the smallest local tool rooms and the largest global corporations. Countless educational institutions and government installations also rely on our products.

Call us whether you are interested in bringing heat treating in-house to lower your costs and turnaround times or looking for a custom engineered product for a specialty application. Our sales team is happy to discuss your needs, answer any questions and recommend the best product for you.

Once your furnace or oven is installed, our staff is always here to help and support you. Our knowledgeable team of engineers are eager to answer technical questions and our friendly sales and parts department can ship most parts the same day.

Order direct - Call us toll free for detailed quote and pricing - (800) 378-0095