Heating Elements

Lucifer Furnaces' furnace and ovens are built with several different types of heating elements - contact us with your furnace model and serial number for a quote so that we can provide the correct replacement parts. 


Furnaces and ovens with operating temperatures to 2300°F are designed with wire heating elements in 2 styles: wire wound in holders or wire-on-rod. Both are easily replaced without contacting/removing/damaging furnace chamber insulation.

Wire wound heating elements in removable holders consist of heavy gauge resistive wire coiled and secured in holders.  Simply unbolt and slide out the old holder with wire and slide in and secure the new element assembly. These elements are sold as complete assemblies.  Element lead wires exiting through the insulation should be protected with Ceramic Feed Throughs (CFT's).   

.Heating elements

Wire on rod heating elements are arranged with the coils mounted individually on ceramic rods.

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Wire and rods elements are mounted on ceramic support posts.

wire and rod apart
Wires, rods and support posts can each be ordered individually.

Ceramic Feed Throughs (CFT's) insulate and protect the lead wires that pass through the furnace insulation. CFT's come in 6" lengths and can be ordered individually.



Element Clips are used to secure heating element assemblies in a furnace. Element clips are high temperature threaded alloy rods which extend through the insulation and are secured against the outside of the furnace shell.  Element clips can be ordered individually.

Availability:  2-3 days

Silicon Carbide heating elements are used in furnaces at higher temperatures (HS, 3027, 3029 Series).  These rod shaped elements are available in varying lengths and diameters.

Silicon Carbide Globar Elements Lucifer Furnaces label

Parts can be ordered individually.

Element Straps are flexible electrical connectors for connection between silicon carbide elements.

Terminal clamps are fasteners used to secure element straps to the elements.

Availability: 2- 3 weeks

 MOLYBDENUM DISCILICIDE (MoSi2) HEATING ELEMENTS for Series 6000 furnaces can be ordered individually.

 Heating Elements silicon carbide glow SN 7296 EL6elements

Availability: 2 - 3 weeks