Value Added Services

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Unmatched Selection - Lucifer Furnaces, Inc. has been manufacturing top quality industrial heat treating equipment since 1944. We have designed, built and shipped thousands of furnaces, kilns and industrial ovens to customers around the world. In the course of our long history, we have built furnaces for virtually every type of industrial application; from that experience, we have developed, and now offer, the widest selection of chamber sizes, temperature ranges, controlled atmosphere furnaces, electric and gas fired models available today.

Buy Direct - We sell directly to the customer. Call us at (800) 378-0095 .

Expert Counsel - Our sales staff draws on an accumulated 70 years of experience in the furnace industry. Count on them to recommend the proper furnace for your application.

Prompt Price Quotes - Need a number in a hurry? Detailed quotations on many standard heat treat furnaces are available the same day.

Custom Equipment - Have a special requirement? Our in-house engineering staff has the knowledge and our production people have the flexibility to customize our products to meet your specific heat treating requirements.

Test Service - To further ensure that you select the right heat treat furnace for the job at hand, we maintain an on-site test facility. Upon your request, we'll process your material samples to help verify your heat treating requirements.

Personal Attention - Got a heat treating question or problem? Talk directly to one of our knowledgeable, friendly sales representatives or design engineers. They’ll discuss your heat treating application, make appropriate recommendations, and/or provide correct technical service for your furnace.

Replacement Parts Service - We can provide replacement parts for your heat treat furnace or industrial oven - often within 24 hours.

Nationwide Service - We maintain two fully equipped and staffed plants: our home plant in Warrington, PA and our satellite facility in Sanford, NC. Exclusive sales representatives are located throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico.

A Reputation for Quality - In the furnace manufacturing industry, the Lucifer Furnaces name is synonymous with quality products---for many sound reasons.

Total Company Involvement - We maintain a small business "hands-on" working environment in which all departments - sales, engineering and manufacturing - work together seamlessly and contribute jointly to overall product quality.

Quality Materials - Every Lucifer Furnace heat treating furnace and industrial oven is manufactured only with top-of-the-line components and materials. Electric heating coils, which are the backbone of the furnace, are designed with heavy gauge wire and a low watt power rating to provide longer element life.

Quality Workmanship - Lucifer Furnaces' industrial ovens and heat treating furnaces are designed and manufactured by experienced furnace engineers and technicians.

10-Point QA Check - Every Lucifer Furnaces unit is completely assembled, wired and test-fired at the factory. Prior to shipment, it's subjected to a rigorous 10-point quality assurance check.