Muffles, Fans, Liners

High grade alloy retorts which form the work chamber in Lucifer atmosphere (AM) models.  These muffles are removable.

Availability:  4-8 weeks

MUFFLE COLLAR - Ceramic fiber collar 2" thick mounted between the flange of a muffle and furnace to minimize heat loss.  Availability: In stock

High temperature ceramic fiber 3/4" square gasket mounted around the perimeter of doors on atmosphere models.  Gaskets should be replace regularly to insurance a positive chamber seal.  Availability:  In stock

Glue to adhere door gasket.  Availability:  In stock

Insulation which lines the inside of doors.  This can be any combination of insulating firebrick, castable, mineral wool insulation or ceramic fiber depending on the model.  Note:  door containing casted cement will require mixing of water and aggregate in the field.


Lucifer convection ovens (4000 Series) and the lower chamber of Lucifer dual chamber models are equipped with a stainless steel fan.  The fan shaft unbolts from the motor and is removable through the front of the chamber. Fans are made with varying shaft diameters and blade sizes.
Availability:  3-5 days 

Fan Assembly Lucifer Furnaces


Fan Belts: V-Belt which connects the fan shaft to the motor.  The belts come in various sizes. 

Pillow Blocks: Bearing which hold the fan shaft.


The stainless steel liner which forms the work chamber and directs air flow in convection ovens (4000 Series) and the lower chambers of Lucifer dual chamber models.  Liners can be removed through the front of the chamber.

Availability:  3-5 days