All furnaces & ovens are equipped with a Honeywell digital temperature controller and are completely wired, ready for connection to main power supply.  Some models may require assembly of vertical lift doors, hearth plates and/or atmosphere equipment.  Following are optional accessories to enhance your furnace operation.


  • Overtemp System – Safety system complete with a high limit digital controller, separate magnetic contactor and thermocouple assembly for automatic furnace shutdown in the event of a high temperature excursion.  Recommended by NFPA Code 86C for unattended furnace operation. 
  • Fusible Disconnect Switch – Fusible disconnect switch wired and mounted on furnace required by OSHA if means of disconnecting power is not located nearby. (Fuses not included.)
  • Input Timer – Timer proportions power to heating elements reducing kilowatt hours permitting lower operating temperatures.
  • Seven Day Timers - Automatic furnace start up or shutdown at a preset time with weekend omitting feature.
  • Soak Timers - Digital soak timers which begin timing when the operating temperature is reached.
  • Program Controllers - (in lieu of standard single setpoint controller) Instruments which stores profiles for ramping and soaking at varying rates and durations during the heating cycle.
    180 honeywell udc2500
  • Cascade Controllers - An instrument which accurately controls the setpoint inside the retort of atmosphere (AM) models.
  • Pen Recorders - Circular or strip chart pen recording instruments which provide a hard copy print out of the heat cycle.
    .Honoywell Chart Recorder DR4301
  • Control Panels - (in lieu of standard furnace-mounted panel) Freestanding NEMA 1 or 12 panel to house all instrumentation & power controls for isolation from furnace.

Atmosphere Equipment

  • Flowmeter - Adjusts the flow of atmosphere (CFM) entering the furnace. Mounted on side of furnace, ready for connection to atmosphere supply.
  • Regulator - Reduces atmosphere pressure from high pressure tanks to low pressure suitable for connection to atmosphere inlet.
  • Muffle Thermocouple - A thermocouple to indicate the temperature inside a retort.
  • Inert Door Curtain - A pipe strip mounted below the furnace door opening providing a vertical stream of atmosphere to minimize disruption of the chamber environment.
  • Atmosphere Safety System - Required by NFPA code 86C for operation with flammable atmosphere.  System will automatically purge with inert gas upon loss of flammable atmosphere pressure, electrical failure or loss of temperature.
  • Supervised Burn Off – For burning of flammable gasses exiting furnace.  Complete with pilot assembly, solenoid and low pressure switches.
  • Supervised Flame Curtain – A strip curtain for operation with natural gas.  Complete with pilot assembly, solenoid & orifice.

Gloves, Tongs, Foil Wrap
gloves tongs to heat treat 8192

  • Heat Treat Foil – Stainless steel foil wrap to prevent scale during heat treating. Each roll is 24" W x 50' L. Select 2000°F or 2240°F.
    foil 4
  • Gloves –  High tech insulating fabric to withstand 1800°F. Sold as  a pair. Available in 11", 14", 18" & 23" length.   (23" rated to 1000°F)
    Lucifer 11 glove long Lucifer 18 glove
    Lucifer 14 glove longLucifer 23 glove long
  • Tongs – Heavy duty steel tongs to load & move hot objects.   Available in 18", 24" and 36" lengths.
    Lucifer tongs view 1

Door Arrangements

  • Manual Vertical Lift  - Handcrank operated with sprockets, chain and counterweight to raise/lower vertically keeping hot face door surface away from operator.
  • Air Operated Vertical Lift - Air cylinder operated via a  foot treadle with sprockets, chain and counterweight to raise/lower door keeping hotface door surface away from operator.
  • Double Pivot - Horizontal swing with a double pivot action to rotate hotface door surface away from the operator.

Quench Tanks

  • Available in mild steel or stainless steel shell construction depending on quench medium.  Options include casters, mixers and heaters.


  • Floor Stand Angle iron frame to support single chamber models. 
  • Wire Racks - Lucifer Furnaces recommends Cooley Wire Products