Foil Wrap, Contactors, Latches & Bolts


Heat treat foil (stainless steel foil wrap) protects parts when heating (hardening) in air atmosphere. By wrapping in foil, parts are protected from decarburization - oxide buildup - pitting - scaling. Heat  treating parts with foil wrap is an economical process in lieu of hardening in more expensive vacuum or controlled atmosphere furnaces. To heat treat in stainless steel foil wrap, parts are enclosed in an airtight envelope. 

Available in rolls 24" W x 50' L.   Contact Lucifer Furnaces for pricing.
2000°F Foil wrap - .002”x 24”x 50 ft – type 321
2240°F Foil wrap - .002" x 24” x 50 ft – type 309

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Latches swing bolt Lucifer Furnaces
Lift & Turn Latches for horizontal swing doors in small (3") and large (5"). 
Swing Bolts for atmosphere furnaces in 5" and 6" (from eyelet to end of bolt).

TEMPERATURE CONTROLLERS - the instrument which sets the temperature of the furnace.  Lucifer's standard controller is a Honeywell DC2500 1/4 Din digital instrument.  These can retrofit older furnaces with analog controls or replace different brand instruments.

CONTACTORS - amply rated mechanical relays which supply voltage to the heating elements.  The contacts open and close as the chamber heats. Contactors are located in the electrical compartment of a furnace.  Caution:  Disconnect all power to the furnace before opening any electrical enclosure.

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