Series PT3AC - High Temperature Three Zone Tube Furnaces

High temperature tube pusher for operation to 2750°F with ceramic muffle or 2200°F with alloy muffle. Standard work areas from 3"Dia. x 24"L to 5"Dia. x 48"L. The heating chamber is divided into three zones to produce maximum temperature control. All models are equipped with charge vestibule, furnace section with ceramic muffle and cooling chamber. All models are completely wired, test fired and equipped with a digital temperature controller ready for connection to main power and atmosphere supply.

Standard Features

  • Silicon carbide heating elements.
  • Solid state proportioning temperature control with thermocouple break protection.
  • Platinum thermocouple assembly.
  • Three voltage regulating transformers.
  • Voltage selector switches.
  • Ammeters.
  • Manually operated slliding counterbalanced doors at each end.
  • Flame curtains
  • Ceramic or alloy tube

These furnaces are built to customer specifications. Please contact Lucifer Furnaces, Inc. to discuss your application.