Series CB 5000 GT - Inert Atmosphere Car Bottom Furnaces

Car bottom furnaces designed with a continuously welded furnace shell, gasketed door assembly, and atmosphere inlet and outlet ports for operation with a positive flow of higher atmosphere rates with inert atmosphere up to 2100°F. These models are best suited for constant operation to maintain a dry refractory environment in the work area to minimize oxidation on workloads. A mobile work bed provides an easy loading assembly for heavy parts and production type work. The workload is simply placed on the car bed hearth and rolled along tracks into the chamber. Chamber sizes range from 8 to 52 cu. ft. The cars can be manual push type or motor driven. All models are completely wired, test fired, and equipped with a digital controller ready for connection to main power supply.


Power drive to facilitate loading and unloading, spare cars, ceramic fiber insulation, program controllers, computer interface, timers and recorders.

These furnaces are built to customer specifications. Please contact Lucifer Furnaces, Inc. to discuss your application.