Red Devil Series - Economy Box Furnaces

Low Cost, Top Quality.

Affordable box furnaces rated for 2200°F operation to harden, draw & anneal. Designed for the occasional heat treater with small loads who wants to bring their heat treating in-house to control quality, save time and avoid minimum lot charges. Rated for workloads up to 25 lb/sq ft of hearth area. Furnaces are completely wired, assembled, test fired, and shipped ready for connection to main power supply. Available in 4 standard sizes. Ideal for small Tool & Die Shops, Schools and R&D Labs. Safe, simple and dependable operation.

Standard Features

  • Honeywell digital temperature controller in separate NEMA 1 Panel.
  • Sheet metal shell construction reinforced and welded.
  • Heavy gauge low watt density heating elements in easy-to-replace holders.
  • Energy efficient lightweight firebrick insulation.
  • Hearth plate for load support and floor brick protection.
  • Horizontal swing door with adjustable latch for positive seal.
  • Safety microswitch shuts off power to the elements when door opens.
  • Heats to 1850°F in 2 hours.
  • All units are wired for 230/1/60 operation.

More Information


Over temperature safety system, fusible disconnect switch, 17" H base cabinet, gas spring vertical lift door, 12 hour soak timer, rollaway quench tank, heat treat foil, gloves and tongs. Three phase wiring available on most models.


Model Chamber Overall KW Voltage Weight (lbs)
H" W" L" H" W" L"
RD7-H14 9 12 14 23 30 36 4 230/1/60 390
RD7-H21 9 12 21 23 30 36 5.5 230/1/60 430
RD7-KHE18 12 14 18 23 32 36 6 230/1/60 450
RD7-KHE24 12 14 24 23 32 36 7 230/1/60 490