Series 5000 LI - Heavy Duty Fiber Lined Furnaces

Large industrial furnaces designed with lightweight ceramic fiber insulation for energy saving low power input and maximum heating efficiency for operation to 2200°F. Coil wound heating elements fully supported on ceramic rods for rapid radiation with faster heat up rates. This unique design provides easy element access with low cost, individual replacement of the wires. For hardening, drawing, preheating, annealing, brazing, normalizing and special applications in air atmosphere.

Ruggedly constructed and rated for work loads up to 100 lbs. per square foot of hearth area. All models are completely wired, test fired and shipped ready for connection to main power supply. Simple, safe, dependable operation.

Standard Features

  • Welded angle iron frame construction with sheet steel and plate lining.
  • Heavy gauge coil wound low watt density heating elements for longer life.
  • Heating elements located on sides, door, back and below the hearth provide uniform temperature.
  • Elements mounted individually on ceramic rods for easy, low cost replacement.
  • Multi-layered 6" of energy efficient lightweight ceramic fiber and mineral wool block for maximum heat storage, less heat loss and lower utility costs.
  • Silicon carbide hearth plates form a rugged work surface for supporting load.
  • Vertical lift air operated door keeps hot face surface away from personnel.
  • Safety micro-switch shuts off power to elements when door opens.
  • Honeywell digital temperature controller with type K thermocouple and magnetic contactor.
  • Controls are mounted in separate side mounted NEMA 1 panel and operate on 115 volts.
  • Chambers 72" long designed for two zone control.


Program controllers, Over temperature safety systems, Timers, recorders, Quench tanks, Alternate door arrangements, Forced cooling systems, Computer interface, Special voltages, Gloves, Tongs, Foil wrap

More Information

These Models are built to customer specifications. Please contact Lucifer Furnaces, Inc. to discuss your application.