Lucifer Price Special 

HL7 B24 8502o
Model - DL7-B9
Chamber - 9"H x 9"W x 9"L
Power - 4 KW
Temp - 2000°F
Price - $2050
Small – but heavy duty. More KW, more insulation and heavier gauge heating elements. For hardening, drawing and applications to 2000°F. Heating elements in removable holders on side walls for uniform temperature. A hearth plate supports the workload and protects the floor. A horizontal swing door with safety switch provides a brick to brick seal. A digital Honeywell 1/4 Din size instrument accurately controls the temperature. This furnace is completely wired and assembled, shipped ready for fast installation and start up.  An economical and cost effective means to bring your heat treating in-house.

FOB Warrington, PA